why is why so valuable

Brands that shine in a competitive and cluttered marketplace know exactly why they exist and why they matter. Their understanding of why is the difference between being an exceptional brand that thrives and average brand that just survives. Great brands know their why and build their whole business strategy and culture upon it. Their why is their brand story and with it they shape how people feel, think and act toward them.

fuss over your why, not your how

Many brand builders are anxious to hit the ground running and dive straight into their marketing tactics and forget about their overall strategy. We see it all the time. And we totally understand the temptation to just get in there and do it. But tactics without a strategy is dangerous. It’s how businesses fail and how wars are lost.

Your why will become one of your most valuable assets. Once you find it, guard it, invest in it and build your entire business upon it. When you know your why and build a strategy around it, understanding and executing your how will become a lot clearer and far more effective.

what is a brand story?

A brand’s story is about why it exists and why it matters. It’s the story of the value your brand offers in relation to your potential customer’s needs and aspirations. It’s the story of why people should love your brand. It’s really as simple as that.

why does your brand matter?

The question you need to answer first is, “Why does your brand matter to your potential customers?”

  • What need or aspiration does your product or service meet?

Why are you doing it? Why do get up every morning and devote your day to it? If you’re the founder why did you start it? Did it first solve a problem or meet an aspiration of yours? People will be drawn to you because of your why long before your what or your how.

you’re now ready for your ‘how’

Once you understand your why and sketch out your brand strategy, it’s time to plan how you will do it. Find out how here.

if you want help with your why …

This is why we exist, to help passionate brand builders just like you discover their why and build a winning strategy upon it. If you’re keen to find out more and have a chat please get in contact with us here.