turn your strategy into tactics

Once you’ve uncovered why your brand matters, you’re ready to plan how you will tell your brand story. We usually follow a simple process for planning how to do it. It goes something like this:

Tell your story to the right people, on the right platforms, with the right partners to achieve the right outcomes.

It’s easy to remember and simple to follow.

your story

Remember that your story is about why your brand matters. It’s a story about how your brand satisfies people’s needs and aspirations. When we think about what shapes people’s perceptions and actions the most powerful influencer is story. The goal here is to learn how to tell your story to shape how people feel, think and act. 

the right people

Who are you telling your story to?

Be clear about who you want to reach. What do they find interesting? What dreams and aspirations do they have? What products do they like? What do they look at each day? What digital platforms are they on? And so on. Once you build a clear understanding of who you’re wanting to reach you will be more effective in crafting the right story to the right people.

the right platforms

Where will you tell your story?

There are so many options available today both online and offline, so unless you have a team and a significant budget you will only be able to manage a few platforms well. Yes we know there are programs that push your content onto multiple platforms at once, but we don’t recommend this. Context and depth is more valuable than width if you want to build a brand people love. Choose a few key platforms that make sense for your audience and build a loyal following with deep and regular content.

the right partners

Who will help you tell your story?

When we work together we go further. This is true in every field. The right partners will help spread the word about your brand and open up new opportunities to tell your story to new market segments. The key is to find partners who can help get your marketing content in front of the right people. This can range from joint ventures with other brands, key people of influence in your industry, social media influencers, and anyone who has the attention of the people you want to connect with. The right partnerships can make a huge difference to your success. 

the right outcomes

What business outcomes do you need?

The right story told to the right people on the right platforms is powerless without harnessing it for the right outcomes. What actions do you want people to take? This is where you map out your customer journey and set goals and milestones for your business outcomes.  It pays (literally) to be clear about the outcomes that are most valuable to your brand. And at some point your outcomes must include leads and sales as no business will survive without them.

if you want a little help

This is why we exist, to help passionate brand builders just like you discover their why and learn how to build a brand people love. If you’re keen to find out more and have a chat please get in contact with us here.